From Asparagus to Zucchini, Astro-Ven Distributors can handle your Produce needs.
Purchasing from direct shipping points and a terminal market enables us to provide you with Fresh Produce at competitive prices.
Ready-made salads complete our Produce Line.

Our Services
From a wide range of fresh and frozen meats Astro-Ven offers a two-styles of Meat Products to our customers:

1.A full-line of "Boxed Meat” including primal, sub-primal and fabricated beef products.

2.Custom-cuts of prepared steaks, chops, roasts, sausage and luncheon meats the way you want them.

Astro-Ven maintains an abundant supply of Dry Items, consisting of all major national brands and off brands.
Non-Food items represent an important segment of our Product Line. Astro-Ven stocks a wide selection of paper and plastic items, soaps and chemicals, silverware, glassware and table-top items. Large equipment items are purchased on a special-order basis for our customers.
Our inventory of Frozen Products includes:

Vegetables and Seafood
Dinner Entrees
Juices and Snacks
Bakery Products

Astro-Ven can fulfill your every need. From Restaurant’s, Bar’s, Wedding’s, Reunion’s, Party’s and your everyday home needs.